Out with my hubby @tvirus813 with this shitty waiter. =/ #notip (at Denny’s)

Timestamp: 1411205188

Crap front facing cam. But I wanted to show off these AMAZING #lashes and my #makeup handy work! Nothing on my face but blush and bronzer. Eyes, eyebrows have been filled in with eye shadow and of course my lip stain. Feeling like a shinny new poo.

Timestamp: 1411109727

If I am going to feel like poo I should at least look good, right?! #positive #makeup

Timestamp: 1411109168

Every time I get new make up I have to try it out asap. But now, bed. =)

Timestamp: 1410687576

For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry God.

Timestamp: 1410428980

Happy cheeks. Lol #smile

Timestamp: 1410391552

Goals in progress. #positive #thinking

Timestamp: 1410237956

Re used my candle holder. =) and put a quote on it and painted it. =) so cute huh?! #made #pretty #awesome#candle #quotes

Timestamp: 1407981169

Happy birthday Brice.

Timestamp: 1407890529

And my tortellini is done and ready to be made into tv dinners. Woo I am awesome!

Timestamp: 1407283821

Chef Jesse is cooking some tortellini. Wish me luck. =)

Timestamp: 1407282554
Timestamp: 1406958756

Feeling pretty, ready to go.

Timestamp: 1406946307